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Treating leukemia can be a complex and difficult task. Certain factors must be taken in to calculation if a proper treatment is to be administered and to take affect. The treatment varies from person to person depending on their state of health, immune system and many other facts. Also the appropriate treatment must chosen for each type of leukemia. Other factors like the severity of the disease or precedent treatments must also be taken in to consideration.

The best of ways in witch to treat leukemia is under medical supervision preferable at a specialized location or treatment center. Doctors should take immediate action if this is not possible, the treatment of the patient being of the utmost importance. General info and new updated treatments can also be found if one contacts the Cancer Information Service.
In the case of acute leukemia help is required right away, a remission of the disease being needed if the patient is to ever improve. The fact is that acute leukemia can be cured; in order to be shore about it more therapy is needed if a come back is to be avoided.

In chronic leukemia ( where symptoms in patients are a whole lot milder) immediate e treatment is not always needed, although it would be wise to have regular check ups with the doctor. Giving a proper treatment and giving it on time would certainly control the symptoms of the disease and of course the disease its self. The sad thing about chronic leukemia is that unlike acute leukemia it can be seldom be cured.

Families are advised to know and find out the best they can about the disease in order to understand it and play an active role along side doctors in treating and curing it. Clinical trials are available and can be taken in order to improve the treatment of cancer in people. Finding out that a person has this awful disease is always a shock to ones family, stress naturally being the next thing to happen. Being overwhelmed by this feeling the patient can find it difficult to ask the proper questions or to remember everything that a doctor tell or advice him. The best thing to do in this situations is to calm down and properly think of the actions and steps that must be taken in order to fight the disease.

Most often certain questions are asked by the patients. What type of leukemia it is their dealing with and what the treatment may be are some of the more frequent asked. What the benefits and also the side effects would be if a certain treatment were to be applied.

For all this questions the doctor would be the most appropriate person to ask.

By: Groshan Fabiola